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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As a Loper, what happens to Ken Fowler's mental abilities?
(a) They are simplified.
(b) They become psychic.
(c) They are expanded.
(d) They shrink.

2. What does Ken Fowler believe scientists have wrong for converting people to Lopers?
(a) The size of the people being converted.
(b) The amount of time it takes to convert.
(c) The Lopers' genetic makeup.
(d) The blood tests.

3. In "Tale 5", what worries Ken about telling the human race what it is like to be a Loper?
(a) They will all want to convert.
(b) They will ignore him.
(c) They won't understand.
(d) They will think he's a liar.

4. Why does Jon worry about documenting current events?
(a) Because things change too quickly.
(b) Because the Dogs fact check his writing.
(c) Because he may get the information wrong.
(d) Because no one is interested in them.

5. Why does Peter say he wants to throw a stick father in "Tale 7"?
(a) To make art.
(b) To see how far he can throw it.
(c) For fun.
(d) To hunt.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long is Ken a Loper before returning to Earth?

2. Why does Jenkins leave the mutants' castle when he goes there to find help?

3. Who asks Peter why he wants to throw a stick farther in "Tale 7"?

4. What makes living on Jupiter difficult?

5. How does Ebenezer heal Jon's warts?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Oscar help Jon in "Tale 6"?

2. Why does Jon want to keep people from leaving Geneva?

3. Why does Sara go into suspended animation?

4. What does Ken's dog tell him about communication?

5. What changes happen to Ken Fowler after he becomes a Loper?

6. What does Ebenezer debate before chasing rabbits?

7. How does Peter feel about his bow and arrow?

8. What advice does Joshua give Jenkins in "Tale 7"?

9. What does Jenkins discover at the mutant's castle in "Tale 7"?

10. In "Tale 4", what do Ken Fowler and Miss Stanley argue about?

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