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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jenkins believe Dogs should form a relationship with wolves?
(a) For help hunting.
(b) For help with protection.
(c) To team up against humans.
(d) To show how peaceful Dogs are.

2. Why does Jenkins leave the mutants' castle when he goes there to find help?
(a) Because the mutants are gone.
(b) Because he was at the wrong place.
(c) Because the mutants kicked him out.
(d) Because there was a fire.

3. In "Notes 4", what happens after the Dog is transformed?
(a) He is a mutant.
(b) He can't speak.
(c) He can speak.
(d) He resembles a man.

4. In "Tale 7", who does Jenkins begin to tell about the Websters?
(a) A wolf.
(b) A Dog.
(c) A pack of birds.
(d) Another robot.

5. In "Tale 5", what worries Ken about telling the human race what it is like to be a Loper?
(a) They will think he's a liar.
(b) They will all want to convert.
(c) They will ignore him.
(d) They won't understand.

6. In "Tale 4", why does Ken Fowler say he must continue his tests?
(a) Because it is his passion.
(b) Because he is paid to do the work.
(c) Because the Dogs will take over if he doesn't.
(d) Because some men may come back.

7. Why does Jenkins want to erase the Dogs' memories?
(a) So they won't come after him.
(b) So the mutants can get away.
(c) So they won't have to leave Earth.
(d) So they can form their own society.

8. In "Tale 5", who claims to be in control of the mutant situation?
(a) Jon.
(b) Ken.
(c) Jenkins.
(d) Tyler.

9. In "Tale 6", what is Jenkins' new job?
(a) Jupiter expert.
(b) Guiding Dogs.
(c) Helping raise puppies.
(d) Cleaning floors.

10. Why doesn't the World Committee stop Ken from telling people about a Loper's life?
(a) They don't know Ken is telling people.
(b) They don't have the right.
(c) They need the President to sign off on it first.
(d) They want Ken to tell people.

11. During the press conference in "Tale 5", what does Tyler refuse to comment on?
(a) The state of Earth.
(b) The man who returned from Jupiter.
(c) Travel to Centauri.
(d) Fresh water.

12. What did the vault and wheels in "Tale 6" used to be?
(a) Where robots were made.
(b) A means of defense.
(c) The Webster space craft.
(d) A Dog's safe.

13. Why does Jon worry about documenting current events?
(a) Because he may get the information wrong.
(b) Because the Dogs fact check his writing.
(c) Because no one is interested in them.
(d) Because things change too quickly.

14. In "Tale 5", why does Tyler want humans to remain human?
(a) To fulfil their destiny.
(b) To save Earth.
(c) To learn to work with Dogs.
(d) To protect his job.

15. Why does Sara want to be put in suspended animation?
(a) To get over an illness.
(b) To slow her aging process.
(c) To forget about a war.
(d) To have good dreams.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Notes 5", why doesn't the Dog believe man could ever be so advanced?

2. Who does Ken Fowler take with him to Jupiter in "Tale 4"?

3. What makes living on Jupiter difficult?

4. In "Tale 6", what paper is Jon working on?

5. How does Miss Stanley feel about Ken Fowler's tests in "Tale 4"?

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