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This is a cluster of empty houses with a few remaining bureaucrats holding onto the old idea of people living together.


This is where Dogs eventually become the dominant species and in the end, the ants begin to take over.

Robot Mower

This technology upsets Gramps.

Ole's Obsolete Car

This represents the changing transportation environment.


These help both humans and Dogs.

Space Field

This is where Jerome has a panic attack.

Webster House

This is where humans will end up huddling as their population decreases.

Cobbly Worlds

This is an alternative to Earth, which may even be another dimension or just another time line.


This is where humans live as Lopers.


This is where Juwain, the philosopher lives.


This is the city Jon Webster secludes for humans.

The Vault

This is what helps Jon seclude humans.

Dial-in Room

This is how humans...

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