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This is the robot that serves the Webster family before he leaves for North America.

Jerome A. Webster

This character writes a book called "Martian Physiology".


This character understands Juwain's philosophy enough to help bring it to Earth. He also changes the way ants develop.

Bruce Webster

This character helps Dogs with the ability to talk.

Jon Webster

This character does not become a Loper to live in Jupiter; he instead secludes himself in Geneva before going into suspended animation indefinitely.

John J. Webster

This character disagrees with burning down houses that squatters live in.

Thomas Webster

This character works on making a faster space ship.

Tyler Webster

This character is the chairman of the World Committee in Geneva.

Kent Fowler

This character tells humans about the joys of being a Loper.

Richard Grant

This character is a census taker. He has a run-in with a...

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