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• Dogs rule the world, there are no humans.

• Adult Dogs share tales of the decline of man with pups.

• Some Dogs believe the tale are true, others say they are just myths.

Notes 1 and Tale 1

• There is a problem in the city with empty houses and squatters.

• The city decides to burn the houses, but Gramps helps to save them.

• Very few people remain in the city. Most move to the country.

Notes 2 and Tale 2

• The Dogs are more familiar with "Tale 2" because it includes robots.

• Johnny's great, great grandson, Jerome, is upset that his son is going to Mars.

• Jerome learns he has agoraphobia, caused from rarely leaving his secluded estate.

• Jerome fails to go to Mars to help save a philosopher.

Notes 3 and Tale 3

• Keeping track of the mutants in the woods becomes a concern of the government.

• Dogs begin to be able to speak...

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