City of the Beasts Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Chapters 1 through 3

1. How does Kate teach Alex not to smoke?
(a) By showing him medical records.
(b) By introducing him to a cigarette addict.
(c) By making him smoke cigars.
(d) By promising him a reward if he never smoked.

2. How does Kate help Alex prepare for their expedition to the Amazon?
(a) She makes him do calesthenics.
(b) She takes away his cell phone and music player.
(c) She prepares him exotic dishes.
(d) She doesn't pick him up at the airport.

3. What does Morgana teach Alex by stealing his possessions?
(a) She teaches him to use drugs and relax.
(b) She teaches him to hate everyone.
(c) She teaches him to be generous and unafraid.
(d) She teaches him to be wary and less trusting.

4. What does Alex believe are his own best qualities?
(a) Kindness and generosity.
(b) Courage and clear thinking.
(c) Wisdom and logical thinking.
(d) Patience and humility.

5. What does Alex believe are his own worst qualities?
(a) Short attention span and unkindness.
(b) Skepticism and a bad temper.
(c) Impatience and dependence.
(d) Selfishness and arrogance.

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