Objects & Places from City of Bones

Cassandra Clare
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People from a magical land who hunt demons and protect humanity.


When a human is subjected to many shadowhunter marks, they can become this.

The Clave

The ruling body of shadowhunters.

The Circle

A group of shadowhunters who believe all downworlders should be destroyed, protecting the purity of humanity.


The magical country from which the shadowhunters come.

Mortal Cup

The cup in which the blood of the angel was mixed, forming the first shadowhunter.

Renwick Smallpox Hospital

An abandoned hospital that is now the New York home of Valentine.


The ability to see through glamours.


A magical rune inscribed in the skin of a shadowhunter that gives them extra power.


The other inhabitants of Idris.


This can detect demonic energies.

Ravener Demon

These are ugly, but are too stupid to notice or care and are used to attack people.

Eidolon Demon

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