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Cassandra Clare
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Essay Topic 1

This is the story of Clary, a mundane human girl who soon discovers that she is not who she thought she was. She is the daughter of two shadowhunters, one exiled by choice, and the other for crimes against the Clave. Her adventures take her from being a normal teenage girl to a demon-slaying heroine without ever having to leave New York City. She meets Jace, a boy that appears to be a brother she never knew she had, and she rescues her mother who is still in a coma at the end of the book. Jace, who has never met Clary's mother, who is supposed to be his mother also, does not react in a positive manner to finding out his past. Jace wants nothing to do with Jocelyn. He knows that she is his mother, but he has never met her and does not...

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