City of Bones Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Cassandra Clare
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Chapters 1, 2, and 3

• Clary and Simon go to a club called Pandemonium where they see a boy with blue hair, wielding a fake sword.

• The bouncer confronts the blue-haired boy, but then lets him into the establishment.

• Clary notices a beautiful girl in a white dress, and the blue-haired boy notices her too, instantly drawn to her.

• The blue-haired boy and girl in the white dress disappear into a storage room.

• Clary notices two boys following the blue-haired boy into the room, one of whom has a knife.
• When Clary gets to the room, the room appears empty, but then she sees them.

• The girl has the blue-haired boy tied up, and the other two boys are going to kill him, and they are calling him a demon.

• Clary stops the boys from killing him, but he then gets away and attacks them.

• Clary sees now that the blue-haired...

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