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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Benny and Eve leave the hotel, who is watching them from Hogan's, across the street?
(a) Benny's father
(b) Simon
(c) Sean Walsh
(d) Mother Francis

2. What is Benny's dilemma at the hospital?
(a) whether to call home or wait until she arrives
(b) whether to leave Eve or stay the night with her
(c) whether to talk or keep quiet
(d) whether to call Mother Francis or Mother Clare

3. What does Eve say any boy who loves her will have to endure?
(a) her anxiety
(b) her hostility
(c) her curisoity
(d) her poverty

4. Benny and Eve are going to Dublin to study, but where is Eve going instead of the university?
(a) a convent to work for the Mother Superior
(b) a convent to become a nun
(c) a convent to teach small children
(d) a convent to study to be a secretary

5. What is Dun Lagohaire?
(a) a shop in Knockglen
(b) an estate outside Knockglen
(c) a harbor miles from Dublin
(d) a school near Knockglen

6. Why does Eve cultivate a friendship with Nan?
(a) she thinks Nan helps her fit in
(b) she thinks Nan is more honest than Benny
(c) she thinks Nan gives her nice gifts
(d) she thinks Nan helps her meet boys

7. What do Patsy and Annabel do for Jack's visit?
(a) plan a meal
(b) iron Benny's best dress
(c) decorate the house
(d) go out and leave them alone

8. Why does Benny put off taking Nan to see Eve?
(a) she thinks it will tire Eve out too much
(b) she is afraid Eve will like her better
(c) she wants to keep her friends apart
(d) she is not sure how Eve will react to a beautiful girl

9. What does Nan say about Benny's standing up to Sean Walsh?
(a) she says Jack had to help her out
(b) she says enyone could stand up to him
(c) she says it was just a game to Benny
(d) she says it's a first step

10. What is Benny's father's business?
(a) Morgan's Clothing
(b) Hogan's Outfitters
(c) Reagan's Outfitters
(d) Logan's Haberdashery

11. What does Jack say that surprises Benny when he invites her to lunch the day after the dance?
(a) he got her number from Rosemary
(b) he has her modesty vest
(c) it will just be the two of them
(d) he wants her to get to know his mother

12. What does Benny see in the mirror after trying on the new clothes?
(a) a large girl who looks slimmer in the new clothes
(b) a large child ready to leave for school
(c) a large child with a red face wearing a jumper
(d) a large girl who looks like a clown

13. What does Nan wrangle out of her father, Brian?
(a) a new pair of shoes
(b) a generous monthly allowance
(c) a ride to Dublin
(d) her university tution

14. What does Bill tell Jack about tickets for the dance?
(a) they cost of the dance is not high
(b) they need the tickets in advance
(c) they will have to ask their fathers for money
(d) girls go with guys who pay

15. Trying on the dress Clodagh makes for her, what does Eve say when Benny says she looks like the prow of a ship?
(a) boys like prows
(b) Nan doesn't have a prow like that
(c) she wishes she had a prow
(d) prows are made of wood

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jack Foley meet in the hospital?

2. Why does Nan not notify her parents?

3. What does Jack Foley plan to do when he takes his father to Knockglen?

4. How does Mother Francis hope Eve is treated in Dublin?

5. Why is Annabel sure that Benny will bring home new friends from Dublin?

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