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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack Foley plan to do when he takes his father to Knockglen?
(a) look up Benny
(b) have a few drinks
(c) go punch out Sean
(d) read the Sunday papers

2. What does Eve point out to Benny on a nature walk?
(a) a castle she plans to own when she inherits a fortune
(b) a field where she used to pick flowers
(c) a shack where she goes to be alone
(d) a cottage where she plans to live as an adult

3. What does Benny do when she goes on a walk with Eve?
(a) talks about classes
(b) eats an apple
(c) tells her about her date
(d) talks about leaving home

4. What opinion do Eve and Benny have of Sean?
(a) they think he is handsome
(b) they want to marry him
(c) they do not like him
(d) they think he is funny

5. Why does Jack want Benny at his parents' sherry party?
(a) she will brighten the mood
(b) she will bring Nan
(c) she will tone down Rosemary
(d) she will meet some new boys

6. Why does Eve laugh when Benny tells her she is dieting?
(a) she knows Benny cannot keep it up
(b) she thinks dieting is ridiculous
(c) she wants to humiliate Benny
(d) she is glad Benny is not mad at her

7. Who does Benny's father send Patsy to bring to the house?
(a) Mother Francis
(b) the parish priest
(c) Dr. Johnson
(d) Sean Walsh

8. Who is Emily Mahon's beautiful daughter?
(a) Nan
(b) Kit
(c) Eve
(d) Patsy

9. What is Frank Hegarty proud of?
(a) his part time job
(b) his family mansion
(c) his good looks
(d) his motorbike

10. Who was Bunty Brown that Mother Francis tells Kit about?
(a) a friend of Jack's
(b) one of her nuns
(c) herself as a young girl
(d) a girl who died young

11. What does Nan say about Benny's standing up to Sean Walsh?
(a) she says Jack had to help her out
(b) she says enyone could stand up to him
(c) she says it was just a game to Benny
(d) she says it's a first step

12. As a big dance approaches, what are Bill and Jack discussing?
(a) how to get out of going
(b) what to wear to the dance
(c) which girls to invite to the dance
(d) where they can get a car

13. What does Nan wrangle out of her father, Brian?
(a) a new pair of shoes
(b) a ride to Dublin
(c) her university tution
(d) a generous monthly allowance

14. Who is the blonde girl Benny meets at the accident site?
(a) Nan Mahon
(b) Kit Hegarty
(c) Jack Foley's daughter
(d) Patsy

15. Who does Jack ask to go with him to the dance?
(a) Nan
(b) Eve
(c) several girls
(d) Benny

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Simon tell Heather was the reason they had not known Eve before?

2. Benny and Eve are going to Dublin to study, but where is Eve going instead of the university?

3. Why does Mother Francis tell Kit about Eve's history?

4. Who does Jack Foley meet in the hospital?

5. Why does Even not go to university with Benny?

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