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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Benny get Clodagh's dress past her parents?
(a) she shows them a different dress
(b) she doesn't try it on for them
(c) it has a modesty vest
(d) she has Clodagh bring it to her at the bus

2. What does Jack say that surprises Benny when he invites her to lunch the day after the dance?
(a) he got her number from Rosemary
(b) it will just be the two of them
(c) he has her modesty vest
(d) he wants her to get to know his mother

3. Why is Annabel worried about Patsy going out with Rooney?
(a) she might ruin her reputation
(b) she might get married and leave the Hogans
(c) she might find a higher paying job
(d) she might start staying out too late

4. What does Benny overhear in the ladies' room?
(a) Sheila and Rosemary talking about Eve
(b) Rosemary cirticising Benny's dress
(c) Rosemary dismissing her as competition
(d) Sheila and Rosemary talking about Nan

5. Why does Eve resent the Westward family who are her relatives?
(a) becase they do not approve of Benny
(b) because they are Protestants
(c) because of their lavish lifestyle in Westlands
(d) because they want to tell her what to do

6. Why is Eve's estranged grandfather in a wheelchair?
(a) because of a fall from a horse
(b) because of a stroke
(c) because of an auto accident
(d) because of polio

7. What is Benny's dilemma at the hospital?
(a) whether to talk or keep quiet
(b) whether to call home or wait until she arrives
(c) whether to leave Eve or stay the night with her
(d) whether to call Mother Francis or Mother Clare

8. What does Benny do as she and Jack Foley walk through Knockglen?
(a) she tells him about all the people
(b) she tries to hide her face
(c) she holds his hand
(d) she pretends he is her fiance

9. Instead of the blue velvet dress, what does Benny receive?
(a) a made over dress that belonged to her mother
(b) an outfit that looks like a school uniform
(c) a secondhand dress too big for her
(d) a practical jumper with shoes and shoulder bag

10. Why does Even not go to university with Benny?
(a) the convent cannot afford to send her there
(b) she could not get money from her inheritance
(c) her grades were not good enough
(d) she wants to learn a trade and go to work

11. What does Benny have trouble finding out about?
(a) how much money the shop makes
(b) where the family will vacation
(c) what happened to Eve's parents
(d) why she is an only child

12. What does Eve tell Benny about Kit?
(a) she cries at night thinking about her son
(b) she talks about her son all the time
(c) she expects her son to come in the door
(d) she is very strict with her

13. What does Nan say about Benny's standing up to Sean Walsh?
(a) she says enyone could stand up to him
(b) she says Jack had to help her out
(c) she says it was just a game to Benny
(d) she says it's a first step

14. What is Dun Lagohaire?
(a) a school near Knockglen
(b) a harbor miles from Dublin
(c) an estate outside Knockglen
(d) a shop in Knockglen

15. What is it about Eve that makes Benny jealous?
(a) her money
(b) her gracefulness
(c) her social status
(d) her many friends

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Eve laugh when Benny tells her she is dieting?

2. What does Eve suggest Benny tell Mrs. Healy about why they are in the hotel?

3. As Benny and Eve leave the hotel, who is watching them from Hogan's, across the street?

4. Why will it be difficult for Benny and Eve to see each other in Dublin?

5. Why does Mother Francis tell Benny to call her father instead of Annabel?

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