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Knockglen - A small town in Ireland accessible to Dublin by bus. Benny is embarrassed by it, but her friends teach her to appreciate it.

St. Mary's Convent and School - Where Benny and Eve go to school.

University in Dublin - Where Benny goes after St. Mary's. Eve later goes, and this is where they meet their friends.

Lisbeg - Where the Hogan family lives. Annabel plans to sell it to boost the men's clothing shop.

Hogan's Outfitters - A men's clothing store that Annabel takes over after Eddie's death.

Eve's Cottage - What Eve inherits from her mother where the friends have parties.

Maple Gardens - Where Nan and her family live.

Foley House - Jack and his family live at there. His mother, who tries to be the perfect wife and mother, runs the household.

Hospital - Where Jack meets Benny and where Mother...

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