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Chapter 1

1. How old is Benny at the beginning of the novel?
(a) fifteen
(b) twenty
(c) twelve
(d) ten

2. What is Benny's father's business?
(a) Hogan's Outfitters
(b) Morgan's Clothing
(c) Logan's Haberdashery
(d) Reagan's Outfitters

3. What is Benny hoping for from her parents?
(a) a velvet dress and pretty shoes
(b) a ring and a locket
(c) a pony and cart
(d) a set of Nancy Drew books

4. Why does Benny invite Eve Malone to her party?
(a) to spite her snobbish friends
(b) her mother makes her
(c) to feel superior to someone
(d) to get more gifts

5. What is it about Eve that makes Benny jealous?
(a) her social status
(b) her money
(c) her many friends
(d) her gracefulness

6. What does Eve point out to Benny on a nature walk?
(a) a field where she used to pick flowers
(b) a shack where she goes to be alone
(c) a castle she plans to own when she inherits a fortune
(d) a cottage where she plans to live as an adult

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