Circle of Friends Fun Activities

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View Scenes from the Movie

Watch the scene at the dance in the movie, CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, starring Chris O'Donnell as Jack and Minnie Driver as Benny. Discuss the Hollywood interpretation of the characters.

Tell About Your Friends

Students give short speeches about their own circle of friends and why they are in the circle.

Fashion Show

Students collect 1950s outfits and wear them to class one day.

The Irish cottage

Make copies of photographs or paintings of Irish cottages to display in class.

Hear the music

Listen to Ernie Ford's song, Sixteen Tons, and Tab Hunter's song, Young Love, that Binchy mentions in CIRCLE OF FRIENDS.

Do a Dutch Party

Arrange a Dutch party at some place convenient for the class. This activity most likely will be extracurricular.

Who Am I?

Allow ten questions from the class to guess the name of a character from CIRCLE OF...

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