Circle of Friends Character Descriptions

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Benny Hogan

She struggles with her weight and compares herself to other girls. She is a nice and funny person, but she has to fight insecurity.

Eve Malone

After her parents' deaths, she is raised by the nuns, especially Mother Francis. Although her mother's family is wealthy, they refuse to raise Eve and offer her no financial support.

Jack Foley

A handsome university student who lives with his parents and brothers. He is popular and a star rugby player.

Nan Mahon

Already pregnant by Simon, she has sex with Jack and passes the baby off as his. She knows he will marry her, and she is willing to accept it because she is tired of social climbing.

Mother Francis

The head nun at the Knockglen convent and a teacher at the convent school. She takes in baby Eve after Eve's parents die and Eve's mother's family refuses her...

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