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Chapter 1

• Background is in Knockglen, Ireland, in the 1950s.

• Factors centered around Benny's birthday originate the friendship between Benny and Eve. Class difference is a major theme.

• Eve is orphaned and wears oversize clothes; Benny is larger and taunted about her size.
• The message is that friends can handle anything so long as they are together.

• Benny learns a little about Eve's background; there is a contrast between Eve and Patsy, the Hogan's maid, who grew up in an orphanage.

• Discussion between Eve and Benny foreshadows probable future problems with Hogan's Outfitters.

Chapter 2

• Benny and Eve are planning on going to Dublin to study but there is a complication that will separate them.

• Benny is already feeling the separation trauma when they have to part, even though they are in the same city.
• The economic class difference is satirized when Benny sees Eve's room at St. Mary's and...

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