Daily Lessons for Teaching Chasing the Dime: A Novel

Michael Connelly
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 3)


Chapters 1 - 3

The first chapters of the novel introduce the main characters and the conflict that will propel the plot. The objective of this lesson will focus on character and conflict.


1) Class Discussion: Henry Pierce is introduced in the first chapter. Discuss Henry Pierce. Who is he? What is he doing? Why has he recently moved? How does he feel about this move? The first chapters also introduce the phone calls that will cause Henry to become interested in the whereabouts of Lilly Quinlan. Discuss Lilly with the class. Who is she? What is her profession? Why do men calling for Lilly get Pierce instead?

2) Conflict: Define conflict. Ask students to discuss in an essay or with a partner conflict. What is conflict? What impact does it have on a plot? What is the conflict that is arising in these early chapters?

3) Group Work: Divide...

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