Chasing the Dime: A Novel Character Descriptions

Michael Connelly
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Henry Pierce (Einstein)

This character is a scientist who has just discovered a formula that will revolutionize medical and computer technology in the future. However, this character is also about to be arrested for a murder the character did not commit.

Cody Zeller

This character is a computer genius who is greedy and will do just about anything to make money, including setting up a good friend for murder.

Monica Purl

This character is a personal assistant who learns much too much information about this character's employer and decides to take a demotion to return to the secretarial pool.

Lilly Quinlan

This character is a young, beautiful person who has gone missing. This person becomes an object of obsession for another character, leading to trouble.

Maurice Goddard

This character is a wealthy person who wants to make an investment in a new technology that can revolutionize medical and...

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