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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the day before his marriage, what does John state he wants for Charlotte?
(a) Her to return to her parents.
(b) Her to give the child to him.
(c) Her to become wealthy.
(d) Her to become Belcour's mistress.

2. After Charlotte's landlord leaves, what does she decide to do?
(a) Walk to New York and beg Mrs. Crayton for help.
(b) Ask Julia for help.
(c) Catch a boat back to England.
(d) Find Belcour for her money.

3. As they land in New York, how does Crayton introduce La Rue to his daughter?
(a) As John's sister.
(b) As his wife.
(c) As his fiancee.
(d) As a friend.

4. When Charlotte accepts her fate concerning John, what does Belcour tell her?
(a) About Julia's pregnancy.
(b) About John's marriage and move.
(c) About his destroying of her letters.
(d) About John's refusal to read her letters.

5. According to Charlotte, why does she not kill herself?
(a) She is a Christian.
(b) She has her baby.
(c) She loves John.
(d) She misses her parents.

6. As they land in New York, how does Crayton introduce Charlotte to his daughter?
(a) As a nanny.
(b) As John's mistress.
(c) As a teacher.
(d) As John's wife.

7. As John's relationship with Julia deepens, how does he increasingly feel about Charlotte?
(a) That Charlotte is his true love.
(b) That Charlotte is untrue.
(c) That Charlotte wants his money.
(d) That Charlotte lied to get a trip to America.

8. Why does Belcour think Charlotte should move to New York?
(a) To find a job.
(b) To find a doctor.
(c) To enjoy society.
(d) To return to school.

9. Charlotte gives Belcour letters for John many times. What does Belcour do with these letters?
(a) Gives them to John.
(b) Destorys them.
(c) Keeps them for himself.
(d) Mails them.

10. What plans does Belcour have for Charlotte on the boat trip to America?
(a) To move in on her.
(b) To persuade her to marry John.
(c) To make her a household servant.
(d) To send her back to England.

11. Of what does John convince Julia as Charlotte befriends Mrs. Beauchamp?
(a) That he does care for her family.
(b) That he is not after her money.
(c) That he is not the father of Charlotte's baby.
(d) That he does not know Charlotte.

12. How does Belcour react when Crayton makes his announcement before the voyage to America is over?
(a) Belcour is stoic.
(b) Belcour is angry.
(c) Belcour is saddened.
(d) Belcour is relieved.

13. When Charlotte writes to her parents after speaking to Mrs. Beauchamp for the first time, what does she tell them?
(a) She distrusts them.
(b) She needs money.
(c) She confesses her guilt.
(d) She is abused in America.

14. After Charlotte feels better from her fever, what does her landlord want?
(a) Payment of rent.
(b) Payment for the doctors.
(c) Her house cleaned.
(d) Her to become her maid.

15. When Charlotte tries writing to her parents after speaking to Mrs. Beauchamp for the first time, what are the results?
(a) She writes of her hate for them.
(b) She confesses her sins easily.
(c) She vomits uncontrollably.
(d) She is too agitated to write.

Short Answer Questions

1. After John's wedding, what does Belcour tell Charlotte for three months?

2. What excuse does Mrs. Beauchamp present to speak with Charlotte for the first time?

3. During their first meeting, what does Mrs. Beauchamp tell Charlotte that she wants Charlotte to tell her?

4. What makes John condemn himself a seducer of innocence?

5. After John stalks out of Charlotte's house, what does Belcour do?

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