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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprises Henry about Eldridge's debt?
(a) That he owes 500.
(b) That he took money from Lewis.
(c) That it happened so long ago.
(d) That he owes any at all.

2. Who is Henry Temple?
(a) A cruel and hurtful man.
(b) A nice and friendly father-figure.
(c) A decent, albeit stupid person.
(d) A nobleman of modest means.

3. According to a note, when will Charlotte reveal where she is?
(a) When her parents are ready to accept her situation.
(b) After her parents apologize to La Rue.
(c) After the official wedding.
(d) When she has her first child.

4. What does Montraville wonder about Charlotte when he sees her in Chichester?
(a) Can he avoid him?
(b) How should he meet her again?
(c) When can he meet her parents?
(d) Can they live together again?

5. What has John's father warned him of?
(a) Marrying a girl based on her family.
(b) Not being serious enough about life.
(c) Leaving too soon.
(d) Marrying a girl with no money.

6. After Charlotte reads the note from her parents about her party, what does she tell La Rue?
(a) She rejoices she has not ruined her life.
(b) She questions her motives.
(c) She knows her parents are insincere.
(d) She packs to return to her parents.

7. As Charlotte reads the note she received after the party, how does La Rue feel about Charlotte?
(a) She understands Charlotte's sensitive side.
(b) She is happy to set Charlote up on a date.
(c) She gets evil pleasure from watching Charlotte.
(d) She dislikes Charlotte's sympathy for John.

8. When does Montraville recognize Charlotte from?
(a) A magazine ad.
(b) The day before.
(c) His cousin's ex-girlfriend.
(d) Years ago.

9. What does John persuade Charlotte concerning his death?
(a) To forget him.
(b) To hold him as he dies.
(c) To hold his hand as he dies.
(d) To bury him.

10. Where is Eldridge sent when he cannot repay Lewis' loan?
(a) A mental ward.
(b) The army.
(c) Debtor's prison.
(d) A different country.

11. When Charlotte thinks of the pain she'll cause her family if she travels with John, what does she do?
(a) Sighs.
(b) Weep.
(c) Sleeps.
(d) Wrings her hands.

12. What does the note that Charlotte receives after the party specifically say?
(a) Revealing feelings John has for Charlotte for years.
(b) Explaining how they will travel to America.
(c) Readers never know.
(d) Designing a meeting place to meet.

13. What disappointment does John claim to have concerning Charlotte toward her parents?
(a) That she wants to live with her parents and not him.
(b) That she loves her parents more than she does him.
(c) That she thinks her parents can care for her better than he can.
(d) That she trusts her parents' care more than his.

14. As Lt. John Montraville and Belcour are in Chichester, where are they en route?
(a) London.
(b) Italy.
(c) Georgia.
(d) Portsmouth.

15. Where are Lt. John Montraville and Belcour's deployments?
(a) Germany.
(b) France.
(c) Austrailia.
(d) America.

Short Answer Questions

1. The second time Montraville sees Charlotte in Chichester, whom is she with?

2. Who gives Charlotte a note after the party?

3. What are Lt. John Montraville and Belcour doing in Chichester?

4. When Eldridge hears of the search for Charlotte, whom does he denounce?

5. After the search and note concerning Charlotte's whereabouts, what does Eldridge conclude?

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