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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Du Pont cheer up Charlotte after she agrees to go to America?
(a) With a special dinner.
(b) With a note from her parents.
(c) With flowers.
(d) With a pep talk.

2. What disappointment does John claim to have concerning Charlotte toward her parents?
(a) That she loves her parents more than she does him.
(b) That she wants to live with her parents and not him.
(c) That she thinks her parents can care for her better than he can.
(d) That she trusts her parents' care more than his.

3. What happens to Lucy when she sees Eldridge arrive at the party without Charlotte?
(a) She begins praying.
(b) She goes into shock.
(c) She swoons.
(d) She screams.

4. Why did Lt. Eldridge borrow money from Mr. Lewis?
(a) To get his daughter a dowry.
(b) To build an orphanage.
(c) To get his son an army commission.
(d) To pay hospital bills.

5. How does John think Charlotte's parents will react when they return?
(a) Furious.
(b) Tearful.
(c) Aggitated.
(d) Accepting.

6. When Charlotte goes to the meeting to say good-bye to John, what does she say she is sacrificing?
(a) Pain for pleasure.
(b) Joy for sadness.
(c) Kindness for hurt.
(d) Love to duty.

7. How does the loan Mr. Lewis gave Lt. Eldridge earn a due date?
(a) Eldridge gains wealth but will not pay Lewis voluntarily.
(b) Eldridge learns that Lewis enjoys Lucy's company with no intention of marrying.
(c) Eldrdige attempts to date Lewis' sister.
(d) Eldridge pays off other loans but refuses to give Lewis any money.

8. Why does Henry discharge Eldridge's debt?
(a) He has extra money.
(b) He believes Eldridge is not guilty.
(c) He pictures Lucy's gratitude.
(d) He needs Eldridge's influence in politics.

9. On the way out of the party, whom do La Rue and her guest run into?
(a) The town's minister.
(b) Du Pont.
(c) John Montraville.
(d) Mr. Temple.

10. How does Henry feel about Lucy during their first meeting?
(a) Repulsed.
(b) Unmoved.
(c) Lukewarm.
(d) Quite taken.

11. What does the note that Charlotte receives after the party specifically say?
(a) Designing a meeting place to meet.
(b) Explaining how they will travel to America.
(c) Revealing feelings John has for Charlotte for years.
(d) Readers never know.

12. As Charlotte reads the note she received after the party, how does La Rue feel about Charlotte?
(a) She dislikes Charlotte's sympathy for John.
(b) She is happy to set Charlote up on a date.
(c) She gets evil pleasure from watching Charlotte.
(d) She understands Charlotte's sensitive side.

13. The second time Montraville sees Charlotte in Chichester, whom is she with?
(a) His father.
(b) Her French teacher.
(c) Her brother.
(d) An old millitary friend.

14. When George learns his father cannot repay Mr. Lewis' loan, what does George do to try and help?
(a) Duel.
(b) Stay away from Mr. Lewis.
(c) Marry a wealthy woman.
(d) Find an extra job.

15. What does John persuade Charlotte concerning his death?
(a) To forget him.
(b) To hold his hand as he dies.
(c) To hold him as he dies.
(d) To bury him.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Charlotte reads the note she received after the party, how does she react?

2. When Montraville meets Charlotte in Chichester, what does he give her?

3. For what is Lt. Eldridge imprisoned?

4. Where did Montraville first meet Charlotte?

5. What would Charlotte accomplish by meeting with John only once?

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