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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has John's father warned him of?
(a) Not being serious enough about life.
(b) Marrying a girl based on her family.
(c) Leaving too soon.
(d) Marrying a girl with no money.

2. On the way out of the party, whom do La Rue and her guest run into?
(a) The town's minister.
(b) Du Pont.
(c) Mr. Temple.
(d) John Montraville.

3. What does Lucy tell Eldridge about his family?
(a) His son has helped.
(b) His wife is traveling to find him.
(c) His son and wife are dead.
(d) His son has raised the money.

4. What does La Rue warn Charlotte about if she reneges going to America?
(a) Du Pont will remove Charlotte from school.
(b) John will ruin her parents' reputations.
(c) Her parents will not take her back.
(d) La Rue will not get married.

5. What is Belcour's ulterior motive in persuading La Rue to sail to America with him?
(a) Convincing Charlotte to accompany Montraville.
(b) Getting La Rue fired from the school.
(c) Getting an attractive wife.
(d) Taking money from Charlotte.

Short Answer Questions

1. If John cannot get Charlotte to sail with him, what does he hope happens to him?

2. What disappointment does John claim to have concerning Charlotte toward her parents?

3. How does Eldridge react to George's efforts at helping him with Lewis's loan?

4. How does John get Charlotte to agree to travel to America when she makes her final stand to stay?

5. When Eldridge hears of the search for Charlotte, whom does he denounce?

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