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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of their first meeting, what does John beg of Charlotte?
(a) To leave him alone.
(b) To go to Switzerland.
(c) To follow him in the millitary.
(d) To see him again.

2. According to La Rue, why is there no danger in reading the note that Charlotte receives after the party?
(a) Charlotte will not like John anyway.
(b) John will not know she read the note.
(c) John is going to America.
(d) La Rue will not take Charlotte out again.

3. What name does La Rue call Charlotte in reference to the note she receives after the party?
(a) Prude.
(b) Hussy.
(c) Darling.
(d) Coward.

4. What are Lt. John Montraville and Belcour doing in Chichester?
(a) They stopped for dinner.
(b) They are sightseeing.
(c) They took in a movie.
(d) They found a B and B to spend the night.

5. Who is Mlle La Rue?
(a) A traveling salesperson.
(b) The town's disorderly drunk.
(c) One of Du Pont's teachers.
(d) A nurse at a local hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. During John and Charlotte's first meeting, what best describes John?

2. Who gives Charlotte a note after the party?

3. Of what does Belcour convince La Rue during their first meeting?

4. At the end of their first meeting, how does Charlotte respond to John?

5. When does Montraville recognize Charlotte from?

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