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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What plans does Belcour have for Charlotte on the boat trip to America?
(a) To send her back to England.
(b) To persuade her to marry John.
(c) To make her a household servant.
(d) To move in on her.

2. When John goes to break-up with Charlotte after meeting Julia, how does Charlotte greet him?
(a) Charlotte is not home when John arrives.
(b) Charlotte cries and faints in his arms.
(c) Charlotte is cold and will not speak to him.
(d) Charlotte runs out joyfully to greet him.

3. Why does Mr. Lewis demand an instant repayment of his loan to Eldridge?
(a) Eldridge marries Lewis' sister.
(b) Eldridge forces Lewis to marry Lucy.
(c) Eldridge punches Lewis.
(d) Eldridge bans Lewis from his household.

4. Who is Henry Temple?
(a) A cruel and hurtful man.
(b) A decent, albeit stupid person.
(c) A nobleman of modest means.
(d) A nice and friendly father-figure.

5. When George learns his father cannot repay Mr. Lewis' loan, what does George do to try and help?
(a) Marry a wealthy woman.
(b) Stay away from Mr. Lewis.
(c) Find an extra job.
(d) Duel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disappointment does John claim to have concerning Charlotte toward her parents?

2. What does Montraville wonder about Charlotte when he sees her in Chichester?

3. After hours of a fruitless search, what message does Du Pont receive?

4. As Charlotte reads the note she received after the party, how does La Rue feel about Charlotte?

5. The second time Montraville sees Charlotte in Chichester, whom is she with?

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