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This location is where two army officers on leave admire girls from a boarding school.


This location is where Lt. John Montraville is deployed with his New York Army company shortly after marrying Julia Franklin.


This location is the site of Lt. George Temple's deployment at the time his supposed friend forecloses on the loan that buys him his army commission.

Ludgate Hill

This location is the site of the infamous prison in London in which Capt. Eldridge is incarcerated for debt.

Madame Du Pont's School

This place is a girl's boarding school, a rather plush multi-storied building.

New York

This location is the major port in the American colonies to which British Army troop ships sail.


This location is home to Mlle. La Rue, and of the unnamed amiable Parisian lady who before the novel begins has a daughter with Col. Crayton.


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