Charlotte Temple Character Descriptions

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Charlotte Temple

This character is easily persuaded, often manipulated, and quickly regrets decisions.

Lt. John Montraville

This character is determined to marry for money and thus treats suitors without wealth cruelly.


This character ruins relationships for sport and does not follow through with a friend's assignment.

Maj. and Mrs. Beauchamp

These characters are of good nature and spirit and thus help others in need.

Lt. Blakeney

This character introduces Charlotte's parents to each other.

Ensign Corydon

This character is an unintelligent officer who remains quiet when witnessing cruelty.

Col. Crayton

This character becomes engaged on the ship to America, eventually regrets the hasty engagement and marriage, and later retreats from reality.

Mlle. La Rue / Mrs. Crayton

This character attends church to gain invitations to parties and often treats other inhumanely.

Mme. Du Pont

This character is the headmistress of a girl's boarding school in Chichester, England,

Capt. Eldridge

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