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Chapters 1-5

• Lt. John Montraville stops in Chichester and recognizes Charlotte Temple from years before.

• He bribes her French teacher to bring her out so he can speak with her.
• In a flashback, the narrator states that Henry Temple, Charlotte's father, is approached by Lt. Blakeney and introduced to Lt. Eldridge.

• Lt. Eldridge is imprisoned for debt because he bought his son an army commission.
• Henry Temple is quite taken with Eldridge's daughter, Lucy.

• In an attempt to gain Lucy's gratitude, Henry discharges the debt.
• Henry's father tells him to forget Lucy and marry a wealthy woman.

• Henry refuses and his father cuts him off.
• Henry lives cheaply in a small cottage to pay off his debt.

• He marries Lucy and they have a daughter, Charlotte.

Chapters 6-10

• Mlle La Rue brings Charlotte to a party.

• Charlotte dislikes the party because of everyone's lewd behavior.
• John Montraville hands...

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