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Object Descriptions

Docks of Liverpool, England - This is where Charlotte boards the ship and begins her adventurous voyage.

The Seahawk - This is a ship that is run by Captain Jaggery.

Figurehead - This is located at the front of the ship under the bowsprit. This is a symbol for Charlotte, as it is a peaceful bird that looks like a powerful angel.

Captain's Cabin - Captain Jaggery spends most of his time in here. It is decorated with many fine things, and this impresses Charlotte during her visits.

Galley - This is where Zachariah prepares the crew's meals.

Forecastle - This is the living quarters of the crew. At first, Charlotte avoids entering it. It is where she lives when she becomes a sailor.

Top Steerage - Barlow goes under the deck to take Charlotte here so she can get things out of her trunk.

Brig -...

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