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The Linen Chest

Where Madam Lockton and her husband hide Loyalist funds.

The List of Accomplices

What Isabel steals from Master Lockton's library to use as evidence against the Loyalist Army.

The Battery

A fort on the southern tip of New York and the headquarters for the Patriot Army.

The Scar

A result of branding on Isabel's face after her first attempt to escape from Madam Lockton's home.


The name New York City is given after the great fire of 1776 destroyed nearly a quarter of the homes in town.

The Cornhusk Doll

What Isabel makes for Ruth after they are forced to leave everything behind when leaving Miss Mary Finch's home.

The Photograph

What Isabel saves during the 1776 fire that nearly destroyed all of New York City.

The Potato Bin

Where Madam Lockton locks Isabel on the night of the Queen's birthday ball.

Warren Street

Where Isabel...

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