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Lesson 1 (from Part I: Chapters I - VI)


Setting. "Chains" takes place in New York during the American Revolutionary War. Where a play, book or story takes place often affects the characters' personalities and the possibilities for plot. Setting is a usually carefully considered item in an author's set-up for fiction.

The objective of this lesson is to look at setting


1. Homework. Students will research and write a paper on slavery during the American Revolution Era. Who were the slaves? From where did they come? How did they respond to being in America? What was their culture, beliefs, livelihood, and civil rights?

2. Group work. In groups, students will prepare a presentation on some part of the information on slavery during the American Revolution Era from the homework. Each group will present these to the class.

3. Class discussion. Would you like to have lived in America at the time of the American Revolution? Why...

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