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Mississippi Travelogue

Create a travelogue about Mississippi, the location of the Pollitt plantation. Be sure to include highlights of attractions, events and natural resources that will appeal to people considering a trip to this beautiful state.

Pollit Plantation Diorama

Create a diorama of the Pollit plantation as you imagine it would have looked.

Big Daddy's Plantation Timeline

Create a visual representation of Big Daddy's life spent on the plantation from his start as a ten-year-old field hand probably in 1900 up until the current time of 1955 when he is sixty-five-years old.

Maggie the Cat Day

Pick a day to bring in every cat-related item you can find. Don't forget stuffed animals and collectibles. If you have a cat t-shirt, wear it! Just leave your real feline friends at home unless you get permission first!

Major Awards

Williams was the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Do some research...

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