Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Character Descriptions

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Doctor Bough - This character's purpose in the play is to authenticate the fact that Big Daddy, does, indeed, have terminal cancer and not a "spastic colon" as Big Daddy has been led to believe.

Big Mama - See Ida Pollitt

Brother Man - See Gooper Pollitt

Doc - See Doctor Baugh

Lacey - This character is the Pollitts' good-natured black servant.

Maggie the Cat - See Maggie Pollitt

Big Daddy Pollitt - This character is the center of attention in his family, not only because he holds the position of patriarch but because he is dying and his property is up for grabs.

Brick Pollitt - This character has made a virtue of indifference, first as a football star admired from afar by family and friends, then as a dreamy alcoholic, hiding the truth of his complicity in his best friend's death behind a mask...

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