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Act 1

• The play is about the Pollitt family that lives on a plantation in Mississippi in the mid-1950s.

• Brick and Maggie Pollitt, a married couple, are the main characters in the family led by Big Daddy Pollitt.

• The Pollitt family has all gathered at the Pollitt plantation to celebrate Big Daddy's birthday.

• Brick's brother, Gooper, his wife, Mae, and their five children are also in attendance.

• Brick has a broken ankle and remains in the bedroom for the entire visit.

• Brick has an alcohol abuse problem and is sexually indifferent toward Maggie.

• It is Maggie's opinion that Gooper and Mae are lobbying to inherit the plantation.

• Brick's indifference toward Maggie prompts her to say that she is like a cat on a hot tin roof--restless yet persevering.

• All the family, with the exception of Big Daddy and Big Mama, know that Big Daddy has terminal cancer and...

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