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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Desjardin tell Carrie?
(a) That Chris has been kept from the prom.
(b) That Miss Desjardin is sorry for what happened in the gym.
(c) That she is pretty.
(d) That Sue Snell has been kept from the prom.

2. Who is outside waiting for the prom to start?
(a) Miss Desjardin.
(b) Chris and Billy.
(c) Mr. Morton.
(d) Sue Snell.

3. How does Margret first know about Carrie's abilities?
(a) Her baby bottle would float above the high chair.
(b) Carrie would set the table without handling the dishes.
(c) Carrie would put her dolls in the doll house without touching them.
(d) She did not know before now.

4. How do people treat Carrie when she first arrives at the prom?
(a) They ignore her.
(b) Derisively.
(c) Nice.
(d) Cold.

5. Why do the sprinklers come on?
(a) Someone has lit a fire.
(b) They malfuntion because of the doors being locked.
(c) Carrie flexes and causes them to turn on.
(d) Carrie has caused an explosion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Carrie's mother as Carrie is leaving for the prom?

2. What does Margret do when Carrie says that about every woman?

3. What stops Carrie from running home to her mother?

4. What does Carrie sense?

5. What does Carrie think her date is doing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Carrie do to the building where the prom is being held?

2. How does Carrie feel while she is waiting for Tommy to pick her up for the prom? What does he tell her?

3. What does Carrie admit to her mother and what happens with the two of them?

4. What happens when Tommy and Carrie are standing on stage?

5. What does Cora Simard tell the commission?

6. What happens when Carrie tries on her dress for the prom?

7. What does Sheriff Doyle say about the night of the prom?

8. What happens with Carrie immediately after the prank by Billy and Chris?

9. What do Billy and Chris do when the town is on fire and what happens when they do it?

10. How does Carrie feel about her name being on the ballot and what happens during the vote for prom court?

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