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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Carrie do when she gets mad at her mother?
(a) Locks her mother in the closet.
(b) Makes the pie pan fly across the room.
(c) Slaps her mother.
(d) Tells her mother she is moving out.

2. When Carrie's mother screams and tears out her flesh, what happens?
(a) The neighbors turn up their music.
(b) Rocks fall from the sky and hit the house.
(c) The police come and take Carrie away.
(d) A stone kills Carrie's father.

3. What prayer does Margret recite?
(a) The prayer of exorcism.
(b) The Prayer of St. Francis.
(c) The Lord's prayer.
(d) The 23rd psalm.

4. Why does Carrie become hysterical in gym class?
(a) She breaks her arm.
(b) She starts her menstrual cycle and doesn't know what it is.
(c) She breaks her ankle.
(d) The girls put her in a shower and blasted her with cold water.

5. What does Margret think about sex?
(a) It is necessary to have children, that's the only reason.
(b) It is filthy.
(c) It is acceptable between a man and woman.
(d) It is God's blessing to humankind.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Billy go?

2. Why is Carrie angry?

3. What happens the year Carrie is born?

4. What does Billy put on ice?

5. When does Carrie's father die?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Carrie practice her ability?

2. What worries Sue when she is helping to decorate for the prom?

3. What does Sue Snell say to Tommy about Carrie and the gym incident and how does she feel?

4. How does Sue feel about what she told Chris?

5. What does Margret do when Carrie tells her she is going to the prom even though her mother had said no?

6. What does Sue Snell realize when the gym teacher comes in? What does the teacher do?

7. What does Chris decide after seeing the list of names for possible king and queen of the prom?

8. What happens in August, 1966, at the home of Margret White? Who does Margret live with? How does she treat that person?

9. What does Chris do when she leaves the prom decorating party?

10. Where does the gym teacher take Carrie and what is done with her that day?

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