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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What list does Chris look at?
(a) The candidates for prom king and queen.
(b) The names of the faculty attending the prom.
(c) The food and drink shopping list.
(d) The final grades for the history class.

2. What does Carrie say she does not like?
(a) Jokes played on her.
(b) Dancing.
(c) Going to school functions.
(d) Football games.

3. What happens the year Carrie is born?
(a) Margret writes her mother and urges her to refrain from sex.
(b) Margret's husband dies.
(c) A red moon happens once a month.
(d) Margret kills her mother.

4. When does Carrie's father die?
(a) He is still alive.
(b) When Carrie is 14.
(c) Shortly after Carrie is born.
(d) When Carrie is 10.

5. Why doesn't Mr. Morton understand the situation?
(a) Because he is not listening.
(b) Because Miss Desjardin does not explain it.
(c) He doesn't care about the situation.
(d) Because he is a male.

Short Answer Questions

1. What prayer does Margret recite?

2. Where does Miss Desjardin take Carrie?

3. Who is going to get an awful surprise at the prom?

4. What does Carrie's menstrual cycle initiate?

5. For what is Chris angry at Sue?

Short Essay Questions

1. What worries Sue when she is helping to decorate for the prom?

2. What does Chris do when she leaves the prom decorating party?

3. What does Margret do when Carrie tells her she is going to the prom even though her mother had said no?

4. What does Chris decide after seeing the list of names for possible king and queen of the prom?

5. What does Sue decide will make things right with Carrie?

6. What does Billy Nolan do to prepare for prom night?

7. What does Margret White tell Carrie about her menstrual cycle, and what does she do? How does Carrie respond?

8. How does Carrie practice her ability?

9. Why does Mr. Grayle tell Chris Hargensen's father she may not go to the prom and with what does Grayle threaten Chris' father?

10. What does Sue Snell realize when the gym teacher comes in? What does the teacher do?

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