Objects & Places from Carrie

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This is the ability to move objects with the mind.

Pig Blood

This is what filled the two buckets that were placed to drop on the queen and king at the prom.

Carlin Street

Carrie White and her mother Margret live on this street.

Dirty Pillows

Carrie's mother tells her that a woman's breasts are these and that good girls don't have them.

Blue Ribbon Laundry

This is where Margret White works.

Ewan Consolidated High School

This is the high school where Carrie attended.


This is the word that appears to signify Carrie using her telekinetic abilities.

The White Commission Report

This is put together after the attack by Carrie White in order to try and find out what happened.

Amelia Jenks' Letter

This describes Amelia Jenks' infant daughter's unusual abilities.


Tom Ross takes Carrie here.

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