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Telekinetic - This is the ability to move objects with the mind.

Pig Blood - This is what filled the two buckets that were placed to drop on the queen and king at the prom.

Carlin Street - Carrie White and her mother Margret live on this street.

Dirty Pillows - Carrie's mother tells her that a woman's breasts are these and that good girls don't have them.

Blue Ribbon Laundry - This is where Margret White works.

Ewan Consolidated High School - This is the high school where Carrie attended.

Flex - This is the word that appears to signify Carrie using her telekinetic abilities.

The White Commission Report - This is put together after the attack by Carrie White in order to try and find out what happened.

Amelia Jenks' Letter - This describes Amelia Jenks' infant daughter's unusual abilities.

Prom - Tom Ross takes...

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