Carrie Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Carrie White - She is the main character in the story.

Sue Snell - She will feel guilty over her actions in gym class and tries in some respect to make it up to Carrie.

Chris Hargensen - She is the girl that hated Carrie White and wanted to teach her a lesson.

Margret White - She is Carrie's mother.

Miss Desjardin - She is the teacher who punishes the girls who made fun of Carrie in the shower.

Tom Ross - He is Sue Snell's boyfriend and is in love with Sue.

Ralph White - He was Carrie's father.

Billy Nolan - He is Chris Hargensen's boyfriend.

Otis Doyle - He is Chamberlain town sheriff when the events concerning Carrie White take place.

Mrs. Cora Simard - She will give her testimony about what she saw of Carrie White in regards to the prom night.


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