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Geraldine Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Samuel and Bethia manage to travel to Italy for his medical studies?
(a) A Duke in Italy pays his way.
(b) The wealthy widow Makepeace marries.
(c) He is unable to go to Italy as he wished.
(d) The entire community collects money to pay his way.

2. What does Bethia believe she feels for Caleb?
(a) Like a student.
(b) Like a wife.
(c) Like a mentor.
(d) Like a brother.

3. Whom does Anne marry?
(a) No one.
(b) Joel.
(c) Caleb's brother.
(d) Caleb.

4. What does Makepeace believe about Solace?
(a) Solace was not destined to live long.
(b) Tequamuck is responsible for Solace's death.
(c) Caleb bewitched the child to go drown.
(d) Solace was a bad child.

5. What happens in the early part of Bethia's one year at Harvard College?
(a) She is accosted by one of the last-year students.
(b) Caleb and Joel are first shunned then welcomed.
(c) She becomes very ill.
(d) She comes to realize that she and Caleb cannot marry.

6. What surprises everyone when Mayfield's will is read?
(a) He designates Bethia as his principle heir.
(b) He leaves two important books to Bethia.
(c) He has left Caleb out of the will.
(d) He leaves Caleb money for college.

7. What tradition does Caleb refuse to obey?
(a) Living in the wilderness for a month.
(b) Cutting one's hair short the first year.
(c) The younger boys serving the older ones.
(d) Jumping from a high tower into the river.

8. Who is Caleb and Joel's first tutor?
(a) A drunk who hates native Indians.
(b) No one.
(c) An elderly, kind gentleman.
(d) The professor of classics.

9. What does Bethia decide Anne must do?
(a) Escape back to the island.
(b) Marry Joel.
(c) Marry Caleb.
(d) Drop out of school for a while.

10. To whom is one of the students related?
(a) Anne Bradstreet.
(b) Aphra Behn.
(c) John Smith.
(d) Her grandfather.

11. What does Bethia choose not to fear?
(a) Whether she or Samuel will die first.
(b) If her mother will be waiting for her and condemn her.
(c) If her father will love her if she is in hell.
(d) What she cannot know.

12. What do the Wampanoag construct on the shore?
(a) A kiln.
(b) A memorial to Mayfield.
(c) A totem.
(d) A fort.

13. Who is John Harvard?
(a) The classics professor.
(b) The Latin and Greek professor.
(c) The man who endowed the library.
(d) The mathematics professor.

14. What does Bethia urge Caleb to do about his anger concerning Anne?
(a) Challenge the father of the baby to a duel.
(b) Ask Anne her opinion.
(c) Offer to marry Anne.
(d) Pray.

15. Why does Bethia go back to the island?
(a) To see her brother's new child.
(b) To get the rest of her books.
(c) To ask Tequamuck's help.
(d) To get Anne.

Short Answer Questions

1. One is one adjective with which Bethia describes Samuel Corlett?

2. How does Bethia describe the proprietor of the school?

3. Who does Bethia welcome herself?

4. What pain does Bethia believe waits for her?

5. Why is Bethia sad?

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