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Geraldine Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Caleb's reading of Hebrew bring to Bethia's mind?
(a) His speaking of his own language.
(b) That all men desire power over women.
(c) That Caleb is smarter than most white men.
(d) The exile of the Jews.

2. When does Bethia encounter some of Caleb's gods?
(a) When she looks deeply into Caleb's eyes.
(b) When she is singing by herself in the forest.
(c) When she is sitting on the cliff overlooking the ocean.
(d) When she is dancing with the Wampanoag.

3. How does Bethia see what happens with the whale?
(a) As a theft by the whites.
(b) Relief that the whale gets away.
(c) As commendable that the whites are following the agreement with the Wampanoag.
(d) As an act of kindness to save the whale.

4. What does Bethia believe about her mother's death?
(a) Her mother wanted to die.
(b) Bethia thinks she is to blame for the death.
(c) Her mother did not fear death.
(d) Her mother will not go to heaven.

5. How does Caleb treat the book Bethia is reading?
(a) As if the book is blasphemous.
(b) With fear.
(c) With digust.
(d) Reverently.

6. Why does Bethia's father choose some particular passages from the Bible to read when Caleb is introduced?
(a) To show his parishioners how liberal minded he is.
(b) To demonstrate why Caleb should be welcomed.
(c) To have Caleb read some scripture which he knows thoroughly.
(d) They are merely the passages appointed for the day and have no connection to Caleb's arrival.

7. Where had Bethia gone to do in the story she is telling?
(a) Harvest some beans.
(b) Find her father.
(c) Return a book she had borrowed.
(d) Take some medicine to a Wampanoag woman.

8. Who comes to the Merry mill for help?
(a) Makepeace.
(b) Two young Wampanoag.
(c) Caleb.
(d) A young man from the mainland.

9. Why does Bethia say she will continue to do what she has been doing?
(a) Her younger sister is a little bit of an hysteric.
(b) So she can remain independent.
(c) She thinks the rights of the Native population are being denied.
(d) In order to understand herself better.

10. What is Takemmy?
(a) The name of the beach where the Mayfield's live.
(b) The Wampanoag settlement where Bethia and her father go.
(c) The name of the woods where Bethia likes to roam.
(d) The name of the stream that runs the mill.

11. When did Bethia's mother die?
(a) Recently.
(b) Three years earlier.
(c) When Caleb is born.
(d) When Bethia is born.

12. What does Mayfield hope for Caleb?
(a) He will want to marry Bethia.
(b) He can get in to a university.
(c) He will help convert the rest of his people.
(d) He has no plans or hopes for Caleb.

13. Where is Solace found?
(a) In the stables.
(b) In a tree.
(c) Being attacked by some wild dogs.
(d) Drowned in the new well.

14. What happens when a whale strands itself on the beach?
(a) The white community gathers to slaughter it.
(b) Everyone works together to get it back into the ocean.
(c) The whites prepare to slaughter it, but it unbeaches itself and swims off.
(d) The Wampanoag are contacted by the white community to claim it.

15. What happens to Caleb when Noah comes around?
(a) Nothing different from ususal.
(b) Caleb becomes animated.
(c) Caleb becomes very quiet.
(d) Caleb seems to have things to do elsewhere.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bethia do when she returns from her errand?

2. What does Bethia's name mean?

3. How does Bethia resolve to tell her story?

4. What does Bethia impulsively suggest?

5. What has Caleb been doing the next morning when Bethia encounters him?

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