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Geraldine Brooks
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 3 - Part 1, Anno 1660, Actatis Suae 15, Great Harbor.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bethia's father say about Bethia learning too much?
(a) She can never learn too much.
(b) She needs to be careful in what she studies.
(c) It's not good for a pretty girl.
(d) Bethia has learned too much already and is not desirable as a bride.

2. What happens when a whale strands itself on the beach?
(a) The Wampanoag are contacted by the white community to claim it.
(b) The whites prepare to slaughter it, but it unbeaches itself and swims off.
(c) The white community gathers to slaughter it.
(d) Everyone works together to get it back into the ocean.

3. What do the visitors ask?
(a) To take Bethia back home.
(b) Some food.
(c) To see Bethia's father.
(d) For help in curing a visiting elder.

4. When does Bethia's twin brother die?
(a) At age 10.
(b) At birth.
(c) At age 15.
(d) At age 12.

5. Why does Bethia take off some of her clothes?
(a) To dance with the Wampanoag.
(b) To go in the ocean and wash off the whale blood.
(c) To help strip the whale carcass.
(d) To launder her outer things.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Bethia doing when she comes upon a group of Wampanoag dancing?

2. Who comes to the Merry mill for help?

3. What does Bethia impulsively suggest?

4. What is Takemmy?

5. What does Bethia believe about her mother's death?

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