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Geraldine Brooks
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 7 - Part 2, Anno 1661, Actatis Suae 17, Cambridge.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By tradition, what generally happens to a beached whale?
(a) There has never been a beached whale before.
(b) Two men from the two groups have a friendly wrestling match to win rights to the whale.
(c) It is shared among all the occupants of the island.
(d) It belongs to the Wampanoag.

2. Who is Tequamuck?
(a) Caleb's father.
(b) Caleb's uncle.
(c) Caleb's grandfather.
(d) A spiritual leader of the Wampanoag.

3. What is Bethia doing when she comes upon a group of Wampanoag dancing?
(a) Gathering herbs.
(b) Searching for firewood.
(c) Gathering mushrooms.
(d) She is lost in the woods.

4. About what is Bethia increasingly frustrated?
(a) The way the Whites treat the native Indians.
(b) The way her father sees her as a comodity.
(c) Having her life choices made for her.
(d) The pressure her brother is placing on her.

5. About what do Bethia and Makepeace argue?
(a) How changed Caleb really is.
(b) Whether their father would want Bethia to still marry John Smith.
(c) Whether their father would want Bethia to still marry Noah.
(d) If their father would want Makepeace to go to England.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Solace found?

2. For what does Bethia long?

3. What does Bethia say she often does?

4. What does Bethia's father wonder?

5. How does Bethia address the woman who waits on her and her father?

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