Objects & Places from Caleb's Crossing

Geraldine Brooks
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The Island (Martha's Vineyard)

Much of the narrative's action is set here.

Great Harbor

On the eastern coast of the island, on the western side of a wide bay, is this Puritan community.

The Mayfield Farm

The pastor, his wife, and his children live here.


This is the name of a village of Wampanoag on the northern side of the island.


This is a Wampanoag village.

The Cairn

Within weeks of Mayfield's apparent death in an accident at sea, the natives and whites of Great Harbor and the surrounding area build this.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

This is where Harvard University is located.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

This is the school, headed by Caleb, that Makepeace and Joel attend.

The Harvard Library

This is the expansive new part of a new college.


Throughout the narrative, these are important symbols of education and its associated status for the characters and...

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