Caleb's Crossing Character Descriptions

Geraldine Brooks
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Bethia - She is the book's protagonist, its central character, and narrator.

Caleb (Cheeshahteaumauk) - This is the English name given to a young native boy who befriends Bethia.

Pastor Mayfield, Goody Mayfield - He is Bethia's father; she is his wife.

Grandfather Mayfield - He is Pastor Mayfield's father.

Makepeace - He is Bethia's older brother.

Solace, Zuriel - They are two Mayfield children who die very young.

The Wampanoag - This is the name given to the community of natives living near the white community where Bethia and her family make their home.

Iacoomis, Joel - He is one of the tribe's earliest converts to Christianity.

Tequamuck - He is a powerful pawaaw, what contemporary language would describe as a medicine man.

Noah Merry - The son of a prosperous merchant on another part of the island where Bethia makes her home.

Master Corlett, Samuel...

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