Caleb's Crossing Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Geraldine Brooks
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Section 1 - Part 1, Anno 1660, Actatis Suae 15, Great Harbor

• Bethia, a young girl who is the narrator, lies awake listening to her father and brother argue over a near-pagan native American coming to live with them.

• Bethia lives in an isolated home, her mother recently dead, whom Bethia believes was killed due to Bethia's transgression into evil.

• Bethia describes the island where they live and says that she is writing down the events of the past few months in order to understand them better.

• Bethia's grandfather established a colony on the island and she feels they took advantage of the natives, the Wampanoag.

• Bethia says her fall from God's grace took began three years previously, when she was twelve years old.
• She learned better than her brother Makepeace and her father said too much learning was not good for a pretty girl bound for marriage. Her twin brother died...

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