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Short Answer Questions

1. When Tilden talked to Shelly about Vince, what did he say?

2. How many daughters does Dodge and Halie have?

3. What character stayed on stage during the first two acts of the play?

4. Where did Dodge send Vince?

5. Where were Vince and Shelly heading when they stopped at the farm?

Short Essay Questions

1. What could Tilden have meant when he was talking about having no hymn for the baby's disappearance?

2. What is the proof that Shelly is sympathetic to Tilden?

3. Where do you think Act 2 takes place in?

4. What could have Tilden meant when he remarked that he saw a face within Vince's face?

5. Was Vince upset over the fact that he was not recognized by his father and grandfather?

6. What was Tilden referring to when he was refered to the little baby's disappearance?

7. Dodge persuades Vince to take what from the table?

8. Was it easy for Vince to connect with his family when he came for a visit?

9. What was the relationship between Fahter Dewis and Halie?

10. Who is Vince's father?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dodge knew from the start that Halie was unfaithful to him. Even after learning that she has had an incestuous affair Dodge still continued to accept both Halie and Tilden. Is Dodge a great man, or a really stupid one? What does his actions tell us?

Essay Topic 2

Identify symbols in the story and explain what these symbols could have meant.

Essay Topic 3

Tilden's wife, or Vince's mother was never mentioned in the story. Who could it have been? Was it possible that Halie was Vince's mother and grandmother? What is the information that can support your answer?

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