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Short Answer Questions

1. Who has a security blanket?

2. What type of life did Halie leave behind when she married Dodge?

3. Who spent time in jail?

4. Halie said she and Father Dewis were planning a monument for which character?

5. What is the first thing noticed about Halie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Halie's participation in appeasing Vince's anger? What does this say about Halie?

2. Where is Halie while everything is happening in Act 2?

3. How are Dodge and Halie presented in the first act?

4. Describe Dodge's behavior towards Vince in Act 3.

5. What happens to Dodge after he reveals the secret? Why do you think this happened?

6. How would you describe the overall feel of Act 3?

7. How does Act 3 end? Is it an appropriate ending to the story?

8. Who do you think is the best heir to Dodge's possessions, specifically the farm and the house?

9. What does Vince mean by his remark about betraying family taboos?

10. Is there anything in Act 2 that describes the relationship between Dodge and Tilden?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dodge is described as someone who doesn't seem to have a lot of interest in life, and who seems to be passive. Yet, he had things under his control. Is Dodge as "weak" as he appears to be? Or is he very cunning while plotting a revenge towards Halie over the years?

Essay Topic 2

Father Dewis was just barely mentioned in the whole story, yet he plays a very significant role in unraveling the mystery of the story. Analyze Father Dewis and his actions. Do you think he has many followers? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Halie's dead son Ansel is obviously favored by her. Do you think things would have been different if Ansel was alive? Could Ansel's death have triggered the many problems the family has? Be sure to support your answer fully by using specific examples from the story.

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