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Short Answer Questions

1. What seemed to be just below the surface of this family's relationship?

2. Halie pretends to care for who?

3. Whose betrayal started the total destruction of this family?

4. Who pretends that their marriage and relationship displays a loving partnership?

5. How does Halie treat Dodge?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the first character to appear in Act 1?

2. Why do you think Tilden acts the way he does?

3. Where is Tilden prohibited from going to?

4. What is Halie's predication about Bradley and the corn husks on the floor?

5. What proves that Halie is far from a care taking wife?

6. What is Tilden's condition when he gets back from his stay in New Mexico?

7. What does Halie think about Ansel at the beginning of the story?

8. What might be Bradley's reasons for being so mean?

9. In the first act, where are the characters?

10. What's one indication that Tilden is not his self and disturbed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tilden and Bradley seem to have different personalities. Tilden seems mild while Bradley was clearly described as an aggressive fellow. Is there a possibility that they have different fathers? What are the circumstances in the story supporting your theory?

Essay Topic 2

Dodge knew from the start that Halie was unfaithful to him. Even after learning that she has had an incestuous affair Dodge still continued to accept both Halie and Tilden. Is Dodge a great man, or a really stupid one? What does his actions tell us?

Essay Topic 3

Tilden and Bradley both had unfortunate conditions. Was it because their family was dysfunctional, that prevents them from coping normally with society? Should they have sought help instead of coming back to their parents?

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