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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Finally, what did Vince cry out in anguish?
(a) When will Bradley be home?
(b) Who is this Father Dewis?
(c) Where is Ansel?
(d) Did I betray some secret family taboo?

2. Who did the family fear would be angry about a disorderly house?
(a) Vince.
(b) Ansel.
(c) Father Dewis.
(d) Bradley.

3. How did Dodge betray his family?
(a) By growing vetables for Tilden to pick.
(b) By not leaving the past alone.
(c) By sinking into alcoholism.
(d) By giving the farm to Bradley.

4. What was the result of the incestuous relationship between Halie and Tilden?
(a) Dodge and Tiden had a stronger relationship.
(b) Dodge and Halie had a better relationship.
(c) Bradley became a father.
(d) A baby boy was born.

5. Who didn't remember Vince?
(a) Halie and Tilden.
(b) Dodge and Tilden.
(c) Bradley and Halie.
(d) Tilden and Bradley.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to his leg?

2. What vegetables did Shelly try to help Tilden with?

3. When Tilden talked to Shelly about Vince, what did he say?

4. What is the theme of this play?

5. How was Vince treated when he got to the farm?

Short Essay Questions

1. Did Vince's efforts bring positive results?

2. What is an indication that Vince was upset over the fact that he was not recognized by his father and grandfather?

3. Dodge persuades Vince to take what from the table?

4. Was there any indication that Tilden resentful or unfriendly towards Shelly?

5. What is the proof that Shelly is sympathetic to Tilden?

6. What was the relationship between Fahter Dewis and Halie?

7. What could Vince have meant by his remark about betraying family taboos?

8. Was Vince upset over the fact that he was not recognized by his father and grandfather?

9. Who are the new characters introduced in Act 2?

10. What is Shelly's attitude and behavior throughout the visit?

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