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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What character stayed on stage during the first two acts of the play?
(a) The minister, and friend.
(b) A city man trying to learn to farm.
(c) The owner, and the farmer of the land.
(d) The host of the church meetings.

2. Who is Shelly?
(a) Vince's sister.
(b) Vince's girlfriend.
(c) Bradley's wife.
(d) Tilden's sister.

3. What did Dodge remove from the table when he sent Vince to town?
(a) The cooked corn that had been prepared.
(b) Money to buy a bottle of whiskey.
(c) The letter from Father Dewis.
(d) Carrots that were cleaned and ready to prepare for lunch.

4. How was Vince treated when he got to the farm?
(a) Dodge greeted him with a loving hug.
(b) Halie cried in joy.
(c) No one knew him.
(d) They had a "fatten calf" celebration.

5. Where did Vince get the money to buy the whiskey?
(a) From Halie.
(b) From the kitchen table.
(c) From Father Dewis.
(d) From the pantry.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long had Vince been gone?

2. What did Tilden say about Vince?

3. Who was Ansel?

4. Who didn't remember Vince?

5. Where was Shelly during Act 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. Was there any indication that Tilden resentful or unfriendly towards Shelly?

2. What could Tilden have meant when he was talking about having no hymn for the baby's disappearance?

3. What was Tilden referring to when he was refered to the little baby's disappearance?

4. What could have Tilden meant when he remarked that he saw a face within Vince's face?

5. Who is Vince's father?

6. Was it easy for Vince to connect with his family when he came for a visit?

7. Did Vince's efforts bring positive results?

8. Dodge persuades Vince to take what from the table?

9. What is Shelly's attitude and behavior throughout the visit?

10. Was Vince upset over the fact that he was not recognized by his father and grandfather?

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