Buried Child Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the setting for Act 1. What do you think is the general look of the setting? What does it evoke?

The setting for Act 1 is a farmhouse in Illinois, particularly the living room. The porch can be seen in the background. The living room shows Dodge eternally lying down on his couch with his security blanket and bottle of whiskey. Though not much is said of the farm, it can be surmised that it is a very simple farm, with very little furniture and appliances. It evokes a feeling of simple, lazy living.

2. Describe the first character to appear in Act 1. How do you picture him/her?

The first character to appear is the father character, Dodge. He is a drunken, ill, argumentative, old man who clings to his blanket all day long, which seems to suggest a security blanket. He's unshaven face and unkempt. Based on the story, he probably wears shabby, loose-fitting overalls.

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