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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sam Shepherd's believe America has lost touch with?
(a) The vegetable garden.
(b) The tools to work the agrden.
(c) Their aspirations.
(d) The farm in New Mexico.

2. What event resulted because of the disintegration of this family structure?
(a) Ansel's marriage to a Catholic girl.
(b) The audultrious relationship between Father Dewis and Halie.
(c) The incestuous relationship between Tilden and Halie.
(d) The sexual relationship between Teldon and Bradley.

3. How does Halie treat Dodge?
(a) Joy overflows their relationship.
(b) She talk continuously about her beloved.
(c) She retreats from him, hiding upstairs.
(d) She is faithful to her vows.

4. When is Ansel to come home?
(a) Soon, he is on his way home from New Mexico.
(b) Thursday, he is Bradley's handyman.
(c) Never, he died on his honeymoon.
(d) Tomorrow, he is the church's handyman.

5. What does Shelly do when she sees Tilden coming in from the backyard?
(a) Buy a bottle of whiskey.
(b) Helped him carry the carrots.
(c) Turned her back on him.
(d) Play tricks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who cut off Dodge's hair?

2. What is the dysfunctional theme of this play?

3. Who are having an adulterous affair in the play?

4. Who's life is centered on a couch, television, and a bottle?

5. What is in Illinois?

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