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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who's life is centered on a couch, television, and a bottle?
(a) Tilden.
(b) Dodge.
(c) Father Dewis.
(d) Ansel.

2. Who does Halie say needs to stay out of the yard?
(a) Tilden.
(b) Bradley.
(c) Dodge.
(d) Father Dewis.

3. What did Sam Shepherd chose a farm as the setting of this play?
(a) it was a contrast between fertile farming and the deteriation of this family.
(b) It was a beautiful vision of this family's fruitful garden.
(c) He was sure Dodge would rallie in the end.
(d) He loves to watch vegetables grow.

4. How does Halie treat Dodge?
(a) She talk continuously about her beloved.
(b) Joy overflows their relationship.
(c) She is faithful to her vows.
(d) She retreats from him, hiding upstairs.

5. What is the main theme of this play?
(a) The best way to grow vegtables.
(b) The dysfunction of this family.
(c) How to be a strong Christian.
(d) The virtue of marriage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What seemed to be just below the surface of this family's relationship?

2. Who taunted Halie about " the breeder-man teaching her a thing or two"?

3. Why does Father Dewis come by?

4. Who had a wooden leg form an accident with a chain saw?

5. Who is described as a drunken, ill, argumentative old man?

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