Buried Child Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Bradley - This character is a bully that cuts off his father's hair as he sleeps; however, there are times when this character is a whimpering coward.

Father Dewis - This character is improperly involved with the mother of the family; and when put to the test, this character retreats leaving the mother crying and alone to face the world's wrath.

Dodge - This character slipped from a strong, energetic individual to a sloven drunk who spends days curled on the sofa filled with shame.

Halie - This character is a bitter, mean-spirited individual who nags about the sinfulness of modern ways while pretending to be righteous.

Shelly - This character is related to the family by association and seems to be supportive and understanding, but finally couldn't take anymore in the end.

Tilden - This character went from good fortunes and promise to an individual who...

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