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This is the city where the novel is set and where Eddie lives in a poverty-stricken barrio.

City College

This is the local technical institution where Eddie recently dropped out after studying air conditioning repair.

The Cafeteria

This is a place where Eddie can sometimes get free food because the cashier thinks he is cute and sneaks food to him.

Cuca's Restaurant

This is the location where Eddie dines with José while José is visiting on military leave.

Mr. Stiles's Truck

This object belonging to Eddie’s employer is stolen when Eddie stops by his apartment.

North Side of Fresno

This is an area of the city where the wealthier people live in Eddie’s hometown.

The Hospital

José spends some time at this location after being stabbed while trying to help Eddie retrieve the truck.

Paint Cans

Eddie uses these items in his job, although Angel...

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